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The climatic conditions on the Gold Coast can be quite extreme from intense sunshine with harmful UV rays, driving rain and hailstones to salt and sand laden winds, so if you’re concerned with protecting and preserving your car appearance, one of the best ways you can do this is by using quality car covers. Car covers are an inexpensive investment to protect the appearance and value of your car.

Do you really need car covers

If you have a new, near new or well looked after car, then investing in car covers is the most cost effective way of keeping it in top condition as quality car covers can protect both the interior and exterior. If you have an old car that’s well weathered and you don’t care about its appearance, then car covers are not so important.

Car Covers Provide

There is a range of car covers available for different conditions from light weight car covers designed for use in garages or carports to protect against dust, pollution and pest invasion to heavy duty outside car covers designed to protect car from all types of climatic conditions found in the harsh Australian environment. Car covers also provide protection against accidental damage as well as:

  • Provide a moisture barrier that stops water damage and rusting
  • Allowing air flow to avoid the buildup of condensation that can cause paint discolouration and corrosion as well as the growth of mould and fungi
  • Impact resistance from other user such as dents from car doors, being knocked, scratched from passing bicycles, push carts and other equipment
  • UV and mould resistant’s from the specialty fabrics and treatments used in quality car covers provided added protection from UV rays and wind carried mould, mildew and bacteria that can degrade your cars paint and plastic

Affordable Protection

Investing in car covers that are made especially for your cars make and model means they will fit property, will not be blown around by the wind and flap against your car’s exterior finish causing abrasion marks. They will also last longer than bargain basement car covers that are a poor fit and use inferior materials so often have a short life span.

Choosing the Right Car Covers

  • Light Colours

Using car covers with lighter or neutral shades tend to cause the heat from the sun to be reflected away from your car. Darker colours tend to absorb heat so add to the heat build up inside your car

  • Airflow

Quality car covers will encourage a positive air flow around through and under them help to keep your car dryer and cooler removing problems of condensation and heat damage

  • All Season, all Weather Car Covers

These covers are much heavier and more robust than those intended for indoor use to protect from dust, but they are designed to meet all Australian weather conditions as well as being easy to fit on or remove from your car quickly and without fuss

There are many advantages when you invest in quality car covers for your vehicle. They can be made to fit the contours of your car and accommodate extras such as antennas and video equipment, extra lights and carry racks as well as other modifications you may have. High-quality car covers will help preserve the look and value of your car.