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Why should I buy a Caravan Cover from Covers 4U?

  • If you have made the investment in a new or used caravan you should also ensure that it’s kept in the best condition possible. A quality caravan cover will protect your pride and joy whether you store it inside or outside. Not only does a quality caravan cover protect your caravan from dirt, grime, weather, and chips it will also protect it from the sun. UV rays can be very damaging to your caravan and a caravan cover will protect it from the sun’s harsh rays. After travelling around the country, there may come a time when you want to sell or upgrade, and you will be happy you used a quality caravan cover when you see the benefits to the resale value.

How to choose the right caravan cover for your caravan?

  • Choosing the right caravan cover is essential if you want to get the best results. A nice snug fit is the best option, if your cover is too big and loose it could cause some damage from flapping in the wind when transporting. When stationary a loose cover will let dirt or animals inside onto the caravan and cause a mess.

Are all caravan covers created equal?

  • In short, No! Just any old caravan cover could do more harm than good to your caravan. A poor-quality caravan cover will allow moisture to find its way to the surface of your caravan which can cause rusting.

Does a Covers 4U caravan cover have a warranty?

  • At Covers 4U we offer a 12-month warranty on our caravan covers providing that they are found to be faulty under general wear and tear. You must provide us with your tax receipt (proof of purchase) and our warranty team will assess your claim and will contact you in due course. If your caravan cover is damaged upon delivery you have 10 working days to contact us to start the warranty process. For more information about the Covers 4U warranty process click here

How do I maintain my caravan cover?

  • Whilst our caravan covers aren’t machine washable, they are still easy to maintain. All you need is a hose and a soft brush. We would suggest that you don’t use harsh detergents or gurney type water cleaners to wash your caravan cover. Whilst they are great protection against the harsh environment, they aren’t impervious to harsh chemicals or high-powered water jets. If you regularly maintain your caravan cover, you should get the longest life possible out of your caravan cover.