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Welcome to Covers 4 U. We stock a wide range of Caravan, Boat, Motorbike and Car Covers to suit all of your needs!

Natural hazard guide

Why spend your hard-earned money on a new car, new boat, new paint job and let the elements slowly destroy your pride and joy. Whether its bird bombs on your freshly washed car, dust on your motorbike sitting in the garage after a week rain, or sun damage on your beloved boat, we have the cover to fit your needs. Your vehicle’s paint is only about 0.003 centimeters thick. Whether indoors or out, when dust sits on your paint it turns abrasive and causes small scratches. By the time your notice them, it is already too late. Our outdoor and indoor fabrics keep dust, pesky birds, and the damaging elements away from the surface of your vehicles. No matter indoors or outdoors your vehicles deserve to be looked after.


Caravan Covers, the hottest ticket right now

The humble caravan has now become the hottest ticket in town, with International Travel impossible in the current climate taking the time to discover Australia in a caravan is a great option.

Over time the caravan has been reinvented with modern facilities and exciting new accessories, offering you the holiday experience of a lifetime. It can substitute as a home away from home when on holidays but it can be easy to forget about protecting your investment by covering it up when not in use. A caravan cover is very important for protecting your caravan from rain and dirt whilst stored on your drive, or out on-site at a caravan park. A caravan cover will look after your caravan whilst you’re away to ensure that it will be looking as good as new ready for your next trip away with friends or family.

Many caravan owners overlook the importance of caring for their caravan. They’ll often leave it outside and exposed to the elements that can cause serious damage over time. Dirt and grime not only look terrible but can cause the caravan to rust, especially with caravan owners who don’t maintain their caravan properly. Water can cause moulds and mildew which will eventually deteriorate your caravan. You must protect your caravan with a caravan cover whilst it isn’t in use. This will ensure that rain doesn’t damage your caravan whilst it’s outside, and that dirt and grime won’t have time to build up on the exterior of your caravan – which will make cleaning easier next time around.

Caravans are an expensive purchase and taking care to protect your caravan with a caravan cover will mean that the resale value will be as high as it possibly can when it’s time to upgrade.

Covers 4 U Caravan covers are made from durable 4 ply non-woven polypropylene which is water and UV resistant. Spanning the entire roof of your van there are zips for easy fitting and access, the caravan cover will fit snuggly around your caravan protecting it from even the harshest of elements. Coming in five different sizes at Covers 4 U we have the range to ensure that we can help to protect all sizes of caravans.

You know what they say if you want your caravan to last a lifetime, cover it up! Ok, that’s not actually how the saying goes but the team at Covers 4 U have found through years of experience in this industry that one way to help extend the lifespan of your new or used caravan is with a high-quality caravan cover. Our caravan covers are designed for durability and longevity so we recommend purchasing one of our caravan covers to help protect your investment. A well-cared for caravan will provide many hours of fun and entertainment as you enjoy all that the Australian wilderness has to offer. We’ve got your caravans best interests covered here at Covers 4 U – literally and figuratively speaking!