A car or motorbike is a large investment and deserves to be protected and kept in the best possible condition. Whenever you need a car or motorbike covers, you should take the time to get the best quality cover you can, especially if your vehicle will be kept outside in the weather. But covers should also be used on vehicles that are kept under cover to protect them from dust and air pollutants

These are the reasons a good quality car or motorbike cover is required:

Protection from Cold and Wet Weather

Vehicles, cars, utes, motorbikes and vans are all made to withstand the weather, but if you look around it is very clear that some just do not look good after a few years of battling the elements.

Salt spray, tropical rains, cyclones, hail and cold conditions all break down a vehicle’s natural protection. A high quality cover will keep it in top condition for many years.

Protection from UV Rays

The suns UV rays not only cause the paint to fade, it can cause seats to dry out crack and become brittle, destroy plastics and rubber components on cars utes and motorbikes.

Protect from pollen and sap from trees and bushes

Pollen and tree sap contain chemicals that can damage your paintwork as well as being very hard to remove. Good quality car covers or motorbike covers can stop any airborne pollution damaging your paint and prematurely aging your vehicle.

Preventing wind damage

Although a nice breeze seems harmless, minute particles of grit and sand, as well as vegetation and animal droppings, can grind away at the outside surfaces of your vehicle and eventually allowing moisture to penetrate.

Storms and heavy winds can hurl rocks and debris at your vehicle causing a lot of damage that a high quality car or motorbike cover could have prevented

Keep animals away

Many types of animals like sitting on or around cars and motorbikes, a good cover will stop them from damaging your vehicle. Birds seem to love shinny looking cars to leave their deposits on.

Insects love to nest under the hood of your car or motorbike, a good quality cover helps prevent these pests gaining access


A lot of damage can be caused to a parked vehicle from people opening car doors into them, hitting them with shopping trolleys or bicycles. A car cover on your car is a great way to help prevent these little accidents that can mount up to spoil the appearance of your vehicle very quickly.

Good quality cover can also help prevent vandalism as most vandals wouldn’t both removing a cover to vandalize a vehicle

Theft prevention

Most car thieves look for an easy target or go for a certain make or model of car. A cover makes it much more difficult to steal a car and often hides the car brand and model. As a thief cannot see inside the car it reduces its appeal so it’s not a popular target.

Using car or motorbike covers can keep your vehicle in prime condition and maintain its resale value as people can see that you have maintained it in top condition. A weather worn vehicle loses its value very quickly and requires expensive restoration.