For all of us with a vehicle of our own, we know the nightmare that can be bad weather. Whether it is lightning, torrential rain or hail, none of it is a welcome sight. The hardest part about bad weather is that we simply cannot control it, how severe it is or when it strikes. All we can do is attempt to minimise the damage and protect our beloved cars from being ruined. Covers 4 U have a potential solution for you with their great car covers, along with some other great tips to protect your car from bad weather.

Park in a garage or carport

The first piece of advice, and arguably the most effective is parking in a garage or carport. By parking in a fully enclosed garage, you are ensuring your car is completely protected from all the elements and bad weather. If a garage is not available, a carport is great also, however, if it has a high roof, rain and hail can potentially reach the car.

Do not park under trees

Now we all know that in reality, you may not be able to park your car undercover at all times. A lot of places you go may not have undercover parking available, so what can you do to mitigate the risk of parking your car outdoors? Firstly, trees pose a huge threat when bad weather occurs. With high winds, it can knock off branches and sticks that can land on your car and dent or smash windows. With lightning, it can hit the tree and mean that your car is completely ruined if it is underneath it. With torrential rain, leaves from the tree will fall onto your car and potentially stain your paint. This being said, a car cover from Covers 4 U can help with a few of these problems when parking under a tree if you have no choice.

Having a car cover

Now you may associate having a car cover with classic car lovers, however, this is far from the reality. A car cover from Covers 4 U can protect your car every single day. As mentioned above, if you do not have a garage, and only a carport is available, rain, hail and branches can still get to your car. A car cover ensures that they do not. Also, if parking somewhere outdoors, or under trees, a car cover will protect your car from scratches from branches or stains from leaves and sap.

Wash and Wax regularly

When cleaning your car, a high-quality wash and wax formula will work for you in protecting your car. When it rains, the wax acts as a protective layer for your paint, ensuring it does not damage your paint in the long run.

Although you cannot fully protect your car, there are ways you can reduce the risk of bad weather ruining your car. Parking undercover, using a car cover from Covers 4 U, and washing your car with wash and wax are the best ways to do so.