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Whether you have a brand new car or have purchased a preloved vehicle you will most probably want to keep it in prime condition, so it maintains its looks and value. One of the best ways to do this is to use car covers to keep it from fading. The following are some of the top ways to protect your car from fading:

Understanding the fading process

There are several factors that contribute to car colour fading with the most well-known being the effects of UV rays from the sun. Although this is a major factor there are also:

  • Airborne pollutants and biochemical residue

These very small solid particles can have the effect of damaging the paint surface by building up over time and contributing he the breakdown of the paint surface

  • Bird and insect droppings

These can have a corrosive effect and cause pitting and thinning of the paint surface

  • Salt and sand

The wind can carry sea salt and sand over long distances and then drop these abrasive particles on your vehicle, helping to degrade the integrity of your paint work

  • Abrasive cleaners

Many car cleaners have an abrasive element that can strip away your car paint’s natural protective properties which can hasten the colour fading process

Dealing with Ultraviolet light

The best protection is using UN protective car covers, even if your car is kept under cover such as a carport or shady area

Removing chemicals, bird and insect droppings

The best way to reduce the effect from airborne chemicals as well as bird or insect droppings is to wash your vehicle at least every two weeks, more frequently if you live near the sea or an area with a high level of airborne pollution.

The chemicals on your paintwork can slowly degrade the finish if left unchecked, using good quality breathable car covers can prevent much of the damage caused by these pollutants. A good clear coat of lacquer over your paint can also help protect it

Avoid Abrasives

A lot of people like to use abrasive car cleaners to cut the surface of the paint to bring back the colour which is only a short term measure, but destroys the natural protection causing your colour in the paint to become more vulnerable, If you use these products you need to make sure you give your paint a protective coat of the recommended car polish to finish.

Car Waxing

Using a high quality car wax will give a much better and more weatherproof level of protection than using a polish. The wax will help to fill any cracks and scratches around the vehicle’s body and stop water penetration. This will lessen the chances of rusting while giving more protection from the UV rays and effects of the weather. It’s best not to over wax as this can affect the appearance of the paintwork.

The best protection you can have for your car is to place a light cover on it and leave it in a dark dry garage, but this is not always possible. Washing and waxing your car regularly depending on the conditions and using good quality breathable car covers will help to maintain your paint and reduce the fading effect caused by the sun and airborne chemicals.