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When you want a car cover, it pays to get the best possible quality so your vehicle is properly protected. If you wish to choose car covers online, it’s important to get your car covers from a reputable company as there are many car covers on the market that do not provide lasting protection or value for money spent.

The top tips to consider when purchasing car covers online are:

  • Indoor or outside use

The type of car covers you choose will depend on the prevailing conditions where you keep your car. If you keep your vehicle under cover, you will mainly be concerned with protection from dust, pollen and insect droppings as well as air pollution and the possibility of scratches from people and objects moving past it causing small scrapes and bumps.

The best type of car covers for indoor use are usually lighter breathable fabrics with a soft lining to prevent any possible abrasion on the exterior surfaces and heavier side walls for scratch protection on the sides of your vehicle. The other aspect that should be considered when using car covers is their ability to hide anything in the car and to deter thieves from breaking into it. Usually, thieves will not try and remove car covers or look under them as this attracts unnecessary attention to them, increasing the chances of them being caught.

An outdoor cover needs to be water resistant, but still able to breathe to allow moisture to escape and not be trapped underneath where is will cause a lot of damage including rusting and provide a habitat where mould and fungi can grow.

They should be UV resist and have enough bilk to protect against hail and heavy rains/The fabric should be a light cover to reflect heat away, keeping the interior cooler, rather than a dark colour which tends to cause the interior to heat up causing damage to upholstery and the plastics used on the dashboard and trimmings.

  • Custom or universal fitting car covers

Universal fit car covers are a bit cheaper and are often great for indoor or occasional outdoor use. They tend to have a looser fit and can be hard to secure properly so they do not flap in windy conditions causing damage to your body work and possibly ripping.

Custom made car covers fit your car snugly, hugging every curve and can be made to accommodate any accessories you have on your car. They are also made of a better grade of material and designed to give years of protection to your car keeping it safe and in showroom condition.

When you go shopping for car covers online you have a great opportunity to view a huge selection of car covers to suit your vehicle, you can choose covers that are made for use indoors or outdoors a well as custom made or universal fit car covers. There are car covers available to suit most budgets and car storage options.

An advantage of shopping online is you can find and read reviews from other customers who have already tried the car covers your interested so you can be sure of what you’re getting and that the car covers you select will do the job you require of them. You can also compare prices and get the best possible deal right from the comfort of your home.