Being able to take road trips with your caravans is one of the great things about living in Australia. Protecting your caravan with quality caravan covers is the best way to preserve their appearance and maintain their value so you can enjoy your van for years.

These are some other important hacks to preserve the life of your caravan:

  • Proper cleaning

Properly cleaning and polishing the outside of your caravan will help to stop the buildup of grime and air pollution. By using the correct cleaning agents and preservatives such as car wax or polish all the joints, flashings and rubber components will remain in good condition and weatherproof while on holiday.

Before you put on your caravan covers:

  • The inside should be cleaned; all used bedding, clothing and curtains should be cleaned, aired and thoroughly dried
  • All food, even emergency and non perishable items such as tea, coffee, and canned goods should be removed, checked and sorted
  • Liquid tanks need to be emptied and flushed then filled with clean drinking water
  • The cooker and fridge needs to be cleaned


Where and how you park your caravan is important, consider:

  • If possible, park your caravan under cover with a lightweight breathable caravan covers
  • If you need to keep it outside, use high quality all weather caravan covers
  • It’s best to park your caravan in the open, not under trees where bird droppings and tree sap and pollen can land on it and destroy the covers
  • If the caravan covers don’t cover the tyres, then consider tyre covers to protect them from UV rays and dogs spray
  • If your caravan will be left for a long period, jack it up and place it on caravan stands to remove the weight from the tyres, bearings and suspension
  • Parking your caravan in a conspicuous place with high quality heavy duty caravan covers is a good security move as you and others can keep an eye on it and the cover dissuades casual thieves and vandals


Having your caravan serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines is important.

It should be serviced after each long trip, so it’s ready for your next hassle free adventure.

In addition to regular servicing, just before parking up or taking a road trip check:

  • Door, window, air vent and skylight seals, hinges, handles and locks
  • Electrical connections, including antennas and sat dishes, mains power and solar fittings such as panels and their connections
  • Don’t forget the battery it should be connected to your alarm system and a solar charger when your van is parked up
  • Check the tail, side, indicator and outside lights
  • Check the park-brake, jockey wheel, vehicle couplings and safety devices such as chains

A caravan is your holiday home and by looking after it, keeping it clean and tidy, having suitable high quality caravan covers to protect it as well as taking the time for proper servicing and preventive maintenance you will avoid most issues and extend its lifetime considerably.