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To ensure you have an enjoyable road trip with your caravan it pays to keep it in first class condition, well maintained and under caravan covers when not being used to help preserve its appearance. This will help to ensure that it’s not damaged by the elements, pests or a likely target for thieves or vandals.

To protect your caravan and enjoy your road trips. it really helps to make a comprehensive check list of the things you need to do before and after each road trip with your caravan.

List of Items to Check Before a Road Trip


  • Fire extinguishers, there should be at least two multipurpose extinguishers in your caravan and two in your car. In case a fire starts when your outside and can’t get to them
  • Towing mirrors, you need proper mirrors on both sides of your towing vehicle so you can see all sides of your caravan at all times
  • Check your rear vision cameras
  • Check the fire and smoke alarms
  • Batteries and chargers as well as your vehicle’s alternator and any solar panels or wind turbines
  • Jacks for both the vehicle and caravan as well as wheel chocks wheel braces and safety warning signs
  • Check CB radio and or Cell phones and their chargers
  • Check all tyres are inflated correctly including spare tyres and jockey wheel, and pack tyre inflator’s
  • Spare coolant, windscreen wiper fluid, engine oil, transmission oil and brake fluid, fan and drive belts, electrical fuses and insulation tape as well as spare fuel filter
  • Lights on the tow vehicle and caravan including drive lights, spotlights, fog lights, indicators, brake lights and hazard lights. Flashlights and spare batteries
  • Internal lights and power inverters
  • LPG gas bottles, regulators and pipework
  • Septic tanks, grey water tanks and fresh (drinking) water tanks
  • Fill spare fuel tanks
  • Awnings and outside equipment
  • Clean, dry and properly fold caravan covers and stow away

When you Camp or Park Up

  • Ensure all wheels are chocked and the caravan is stable before disconnecting from the vehicle and apply handbrake if fitted
  • Disconnect all cables an electrics from the vehicle before driving off
  • Ensure gas is turned off at the bottle each time you finish using

When Leaving a Campsite

  • Ensure all equipment is well stored
  • Turn off gas bottles
  • Check brake fluid levels, coolant levels, transmission fluid levels and engine oil levels
  • Fold in awnings and store and fold away steps and landings
  • Close all windows and lower antenna and satellite disks
  • Empty porta toilets and sinks, tighten water storage container caps
  • Remove wheel chocks and release handbrake
  • Reconnect electrical fittings and air line if air brakes are fitted
  • Check mirrors indicator and warning lights
  • Walk around the vehicle and caravan and check for obstacles left, children playing or hiding as well as animals and rubbish

Checklist after trip

Follow the pre-trip list, but add

  • Air all bedding
  • Thoroughly vacuum the inside and wipe down all surfaces properly
  • Empty all tanks, rinse and fill with clean water
  • Wash, dry and polish the outside of your caravan and put on your caravan covers

Treating your caravan by keeping it clean under its caravan covers well equipped and maintained will ensure you have a safe and happy road trip and it will last for years.