Why your caravan cover will become your new best friend

The need for a trusty caravan and caravan cover has reached a fever pitch since Covid 19 has changed the way we do many things in Australia. The way we work, shop, socialise and especially holiday could have changed forever. To be honest it has never been easy to travel internationally from Australia with the tyranny of distance ensuring that for the majority of holidays there is a pretty substantial flight to contend with. This is where the humble caravan steps up and is making life for people desperate for a break easier.

The case for the caravan cover

For those lucky enough to have owned a caravan before 2020, I do not doubt that they have never used it more. The need to find local holiday destinations has never been more important than taking a break from the Covid monotony that we have been living with for over 18 months now. Those savvy owners who had been using caravan covers for their caravan would have been able to take advantage of the rampant second-hand caravan market and get top dollar for their well maintained and brand-new looking caravan. For those owners that didn’t choose to use a caravan cover their return would not have been as great as those who did.

The wait for a new caravan can now be up to 12 months with manufacturers running out of stock, leaving budding road trippers and resellers alike in a state of flux. One thing is certain that when those who have caravans on order will want to take special care of them and there is no better way than with a caravan cover from Covers4U.

Keeping your investment protected

For some their caravan is a home away from home and for others, it’s a great way just to get away from the rat race and relax but either way, they have invested some serious money into it and they should look after it. The caravan cover can play many different roles in the protection of your caravan and can be used in different situations.

  • Storage – unless you are using your caravan as a mobile home most of its time will be spent in storage. If you are lucky enough you may have a shed or carport but for many, they are stored out in the elements. A caravan cover is a godsend in this instance, providing a layer of protection from dirt, grime and moisture and ensuring that it stays in the best condition possible.
  • Transport – When you are on the road towing your caravan cover is the perfect shield from debris that can be kicked up from passing traffic.
  • Security – when parked up in a caravan park your caravan can be an added layer of security if you choose to take a day trip somewhere. Any pesky intruders could be deterred by having to try and find a way through the cover without raising suspicions.

It is easy to see how your caravan cover will quickly become your best friend and ensure a long and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your caravan. Check out the great range of caravan covers at https://www.covers4u.com.au/