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Having a caravan helps you escape the confines of the quarantines and lockdowns. If you keep your caravan under a quality caravan cover, it will be ready for you to just remove the caravan cover, add food, personal items, do a quick safety check and off you go on a fantastic road trip.

It’s about being flexible

With a caravan, you get the flexibility of taking your accommodation with you where ever you want. Many places seem great on the brochure or promotional video, but when you book in, after a while you find it lacking and wish you could just move on. With a caravan, you can do just that at any time you want.

When towing a caravan you always have the option of unhitching, pulling on your caravan cover and driving to any place you want for the day, sightseeing or shopping in the city, without needing to drag your van over rough roads or find parking.

Because you have your quality caravan cover protecting your van while you’re away you don’t need to worry about security. Many caravan covers come with locks and help to eliminate vandalism and theft.

Camping anywhere

With a caravan, you can camp almost anywhere (local bye-laws allow), you don’t need to make bookings or pay high room rates. You have your cooking and washing facilities with you so are independent and self sufficient. Imagine walking beside a lovely mountain stream, the seashore or in a lovely part of the outback, this one of the great advantages of having a caravan for your road trips.

A home away from home

A caravan is more than just a trailer filled with camping equipment; it’s your home away from home. You’re bringing everything you need in a lovely compact package, even the kitchen sink and toilet. It’s much better than a tent as you don’t have to worry about wind or rain as well maintained caravans are completely weatherproof and you don’t have to pack up every time you move. Inside are cupboards and drawers to neatly place everything you need on the road while travelling so everything is safe and secure.

Many caravans are now equipped with solar panels so you don’t need to plug in and can stay well away for extended periods with air con and fridges, satellite dishes and internet as well as water purifiers so you don’t need to carry huge amounts of potable water.

Caravans also come with extra storage for things like your caravan cover, deck chairs, sporting and fishing equipment, they’re like travelling with a mini version of your own home.

Having the freedom to travel where and when you want with everything you need is the main reason for choosing a caravan for your road trip. If you spend a little bit of time maintaining and cleaning your caravan once your trip is over and placing on your caravan cover to protect it, your van will be clean and ready for your next road trip whenever you can get away. Modern caravan covers keep your van safe so can just remove them and without delay or the need to make bookings or pay for accommodation go where ever the urge takes you. Caravanning gives you a much greater freedom of choice to enjoy the great Australian outdoors.