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Caravans are built to last and give their owners years of trouble free use, but they still require a reasonable amount of TLC to keep them in top condition and retain their value. A caravan cover is one of the best as most cost effective ways to look after your van. The following top tips will help you maintain your caravan in pristine condition and ensure it’s always ready for your holidays:

  • Proper Cleaning

Every time you finish using your caravan it needs to be cleaned thoroughly, inside and out. To maintain the exterior, use a mild soap or detergent recommended by the manufacturer, many ordinary detergents are very harsh and can damage the paint.

Use a low pressure water spray or garden hose fitted with a car brush and then dry with a washing shammy cloth to remove any excess water. A high-pressure water cleaner can force water in between the joints and seals around your caravan where it gets trapped and can cause corrosion and mould to form.

Use a good quality car wax or finishing compound recommended by the manufacturer to seal and protect the paint and exterior finish. Once dried and polished and your van has had a good airing, place on the caravan cover.

 Always drain all tanks including drinking and utility water systems, then refill them with fresh  potable water, preferably not tap water as this can contain chemicals that can harm your water  systems

  • Ensure Your Caravan Is always Well Ventilated

Leaving your van in a damp environment is a sure way to invite mould and other problems to occur. Ensure you use a caravan cover that allows for proper ventilation and doesn’t trap moisture or condensation inside. Even in dry conditions, if your van is not well ventilated it can become humid inside, resulting in the formation of fungi, a musty odour and corrosion

  • Maintain the Correct Tyre Pressure

Ensuring you have the correct air pressure in your tyres means you will enjoy safe motoring and the tyres will last longer but it also helps to give greater fuel economy while avoiding blow outs and spend relate issues such as snaking and swaying.

If your  van is in  storage for more than a few months consider placing it on stands to relieve any stress on tyres suspension and oil seals.

The caravan manufacturer will recommend the maximum weight limits for your van and also the proper way to distribute any additional weight you may add to the inside of the van during trips and when in storage. This will ensure your van tows correctly and safely

  • Add Sensor Lights

Most caravans now come with installed sensor lights, but having extra censor’s to alert you to any dangers is sensible. A reversing camera and lights make reversing and parking easy and they can also alert you if a potential thief or vandal gets too close.

Your lights and a sound alarm can be connected to all door and window locks as well as a motion sensor to stop thieves.

Looking after your caravan is vital as it represents a large investment and if taken care of using a caravan cover and common sense will provide years of trouble free service and enjoyment.