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Summer on the Gold Coast can provide extreme heat along with salt and dust laden air that can take a toll on your motorbike. Keeping it under a motorbike cover will help protect it when not in use from the harsh weather conditions. These are some other tips to help protect and preserve it:

Replenish its vital fluids

It’s always important to regularly check your motorbikes fluid levels, during the hot summer months it becomes more critical. With the temperatures heading towards 50C, it places a large strain and stress. With these extreme heats start-stop traffic and very low speeds your motorbike is not getting the cooling air stream as it needs to remain cool, making it liable to overheat with resulting damage.

The different liquid levels are designed to help lubricate and drain away excess heat so must be maintained at the manufacturers recommended levels with the highest quality possible. From the coolant of motorbikes fitted with radiators, to the brake fluid, engine oil and transmission fluids, they need to be topped up to keep your motorbike running in optimum condition and giving it a long working life.

Rubber hoses, fuel lines, drive belts and plastic parts are all much more vulnerable during the summer heat. They, over time, may develop cracks or soften and start to leak causing a mechanical breakdown or potential for accidents. Even minor damage or brittle feeling surfaces can quickly worsen and leave you stranded in the hot sun.

Tyre Pressure

Under normal conditions with an average ambient temperature the manufactures recommend tyre pressures should be maintained, but during the summer heat, the pressure can drastically increase because of the heat, so needs to be regularly checked.

Using nitrogen to replace the standard air normally used is a good way to ensure your tyre pressure remains at the right level as nitrogen is much more expansion resistant than air at higher temperatures during the hot months.

Try Parking in Shady Places

It’s often not practical to carry a motorbike cover when riding your bike so it pays to try and locate a shady place to park. Seat covers, paintwork and plastics are all prone to UV damage which is visible through faded paint and dull plastics.

The cover should be of a light colour, so that it doesn’t absorb too much heat. A mesh weave would allow breathability and ensure that the heat inside keeps escaping out, and doesn’t get bottled up, which may cause even more damage.

Use a good quality light coloured, breathable motorbike cover to protect your motorbike whenever possible. Dark colours increase the heat build up under them.

Using a good quality polish or wax will help preserve your motorbike and keep it in new condition for longer. Always wash, dry and polish your motorbike before leaving it under your motorbike cover for long periods.

Having your motorbike tyres in good condition is vital for safety. Inspect them regularly for cracks and abnormalities as they are susceptible to damage in the hot summer conditions. Use your motorbike cover whenever possible and park in the shade to protect your paint plastic and rubber components. Always ensure all your motorbike fluid levels are filled to the recommended levels to aid in cooling.