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The joys of owning a caravan are immense and if you maintain it properly, take preventative care, and use caravan covers, it will last you many years.

To make sure your caravan is always in top order and ready when you want it, these top tips will save you money and maintain your van in new condition;

Keep your caravan covers clean and in good condition

The caravan covers are there to protect your van when it’s parked up or in storage so it pays to make sure they are always in top condition.

They should be washed every six months or more often if they are affected by bird or insect droppings sap or pollen as these substances are corrosive and can damage the cover and then the surface of your caravan.

Before you place on our caravan Covers

  • Clean and Polish Your Caravan; before you put on your caravan covers ensure your van is washed and dried, then apply a good quality automotive wax to seal and protect the paint and seals around the doors and windows
  • Check all external fixtures such as solar panels, lights, antenna and sound dishes. Make sure they are tight and not damaged
  • Check the air vents and ensure they are able to allow free airflow but able to exclude any pests replace or clean the air con filters
  • Check the window and door rubbers and seals as well as hinges and locks. Apply the manufactures recommended lubricant as required
  • Drain all water tanks and replace with clean, fresh water
  • Empty gray water and septic storage tanks and fill them with clean water or with the manufacture recommended additives
  • Vacuum the interior and wash the wall and surfaces.
  • Remove any foodstuff and washout refrigerators ad freezers
  • Remove any soiled or used bedding and air pillows and mattresses in the sun for several days to refresh
  • Disconnect batteries unless they are to be connected to a burglar alarm system
  • Disconnect any gas fittings and seal the ends to keep out moisture and pests
  • Check the awnings and any outside furniture to ensure they are undamaged clean and completely dry before storing in their appropriate places
  • Take a close look at all the electrics and light fitting bulbs and switches internally and externally and replace or make a detailed note of any repairs required before your next trip out in your caravan

When you have completed your cleaning, checked any maintenance issues and any repaired anything that required attention. Place your caravan covers on to your van and secure them to stop pests, water or dirt from causing any damage

Caravans are expensive investments and deserve all the car and attention you can give them to remain in top condition for many years. Don’t settle for low quality caravan covers as they are likely to leave your holiday home vulnerable to pests and the elements.

In order to keep your caravan in top order use a quality caravan cover and make a maintenance audit a few months before you intend to go on a trip. Ensure everything is clean and working properly, especially the wheels, tyres, breaks, fresh water and waste water systems, electrics and gas.