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Whether you vehicle is new, a high end model, a classic or a pre loved model to keep it in the best possible condition you should be using quality car covers to protect it.

With so many different options available it’s hard to decide which car covers are the best so in this article we’re sharing our top tips to buy quality covers for your vehicle:

Where you park your caravan

If you have a carport or garage to park your caravan in, you’re lucky so, you will be looking for a light weight cover designed to keep out dust and insect pollen as well as prying eyes away for your caravan. It’s important that you choose a cover that is soft and made of breathable material so that moisture does not get trapped under it causing mould and corrosion.

If you house your vehicle outside in the elements you need quality caravan covers that offer much more protection from the weather and passersby to maintain it in pristine condition.

Some of the things your cover needs to be able to do is:

  • UV Rays and heat

Protect it against the damaging effects of the suns UV rays, so purchasing caravan covers made from UV resistant fabrics is important. Picking light coloured caravan covers helps to reflect the suns heat away from your vehicle, but darker colours can absorb heat raising the internal temperature significantly

  • Weather proof

Full waterproof car covers can trap condensation so your vehicle remains wet most of the time. This promotes corrosion and creates an ideal environment for fungi, mould and mildew to grow. Apart from meaning you would need to clean this off your vehicle these lower life forms secrete acids and enzymes that can attack the paint surface and any plastic such as light covers and trimmings forming a pitted and discoloured surface.

The best high quality outdoor car covers are fully breathable and cause water to roll off them, but are not totally waterproof

  • Soft and anti-scratch

The inside of quality car covers should be soft so they do not scratch the paint work and not have any hard eyelets or tags that could flap in the wind and rub the vehicle

  • Snug fit

There are many size options for car covers, a universal small, medium or large sized cover may be a little cheaper than custom car covers, but you do get what you pay for.

The manufactures of caravan covers make covers that are designed for particular makes and models. These car covers fit snugly and are designed not to flap around in high winds.

These are great for standard versions of a particular model, but if you have a few extras on your vehicle such as ski bars, spot lights, bull bars or antennas you would be better to go for custom made car covers.

Although a little more expensive, custom covers are made of higher grades of material and have a much longer service life.