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Today’s modern car covers are very practical for keeping your vehicle in top condition, especially if you don’t have a garage to shelter it in. They protect your car from the hazards of air pollution, dust and salty sea spray in the wind. They also protect against minor dents, dings and scratches as people push by. Knowing the best car cover for you can be difficult, so these things should be considered to make your choice easier:

  • Types

Cotton car covers are designed to be used undercover to stop soot, dust and airborne grime from settling on your car and are not suitable for outdoor use

Outdoor car covers need to be waterproof or at least water resistant, but they also need to be able to breathe so moisture does not get trapped and spoil the paint finish or start the rusting processes

  • Material

Car covers come in a variety of materials to suit different requirements. If you’re in a sunny area like the Gold Coast you need a car cover made of material that has a high UV protection factor.

If you use your car frequently then you need a cover that is quick and easy to remove and put on, so you will want a lighter cover that you can easily fold and store in the boot.

If you leave your car for long periods, then a car cover made with a heavier material and a closer fitting design is often more appropriate to give added protection

  • Car Model

You can either purchase a one size fits all, or look for a car cover designed to fit your particular make and model. These matched car covers are often much better as they are made of a better quality of material and will last much longer.

It’s important that your car cover completely covers your car to avoid any UV damage, paint fade issues or scratches

  • Durability

When deciding on the right car cover for your needs you should consider its ability to stand up to the weather conditions in your area over the expected life span. A quality car cover should last from 7 to 10 years in most weather conditions and you can expect a warranty that will cover you

  • Budget

It’s a good policy to set a budget that allows you to buy a quality car cover. They are mostly affordable and will help to preserve the value of your car over its life. The quality of the cover is directly proportional to its cost and a very cheap car cover will neither last nor give adequate protection

  • Types of Hazards

You can pick a car cover that is more specific for the type of hazards in your area for example; if you’re close to the sea you need a cover that can protect from salt spray. If you’re in a very sunny area you need to protect against UV rays. In windy and sandy areas you need protection against dust and sand

By selecting the right car cover, according to your needs will help in getting the right choice and at the best price so you can protect your car and preserve its appearance and value for much longer.