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Car covers perform an important function in protecting your vehicle’s condition and appearance, they help to maintain its value and prolong your vehicle’s life. When purchasing quality car covers there are a few things worth considering, such as overall quality and price as well as:

  • Types of covers

Car covers come in a variety of styles, materials and thickness, the type of car covers you choose should depend on where you keep your vehicle and the prevailing weather conditions. Vehicles kept inside generally require lightweight weight car covers to protect from them from dust and airborne pollution.

Car covers for vehicles stored outside need to be able to stand up to the climatic conditions in your area, including harsh sunlight with strong UV rays, heavy driving rain and the impact of hailstones and salt spray

  • Durability

High quality, light cotton car covers will provide many years of protection for vehicles kept inside, but for outside use a high quality, thicker, multi-layered, breathable, synthetic material is usually needed to provide adequate protection

  • Security

If you leave your vehicle unattended for long periods or in areas where security is an issue a heavier type of cover is advisable to stop damage from accidents as well as deterring thieves and vandals. Usually, if a would-be thief can’t see the type and condition of your vehicle, they tend to leave it alone and go after easier pickings as the time required to look under car covers bringing attention to them

  • Size

The least expensive car covers are made to fit most sizes of vehicle, but often they do not last very long and don’t provide a snug fit allowing for flapping and uninvited guests such as rodents and other pests to easily get inside.

High quality car covers are made to fit your particular make and model of vehicle, so they provide a snug fit that will not move around even in adverse weather. If you have modifications or extras on your vehicle custom made car covers may well be the best choice for your vehicle as they last longer and give better protection

  • Breathability

Breathability is a very important consideration when choosing car covers for your vehicle. Fully waterproof car covers will trap moisture inside which can promote rusting the growth of fungus and mould as well as causing paint to fade or discolour.

The circulation of air under and through your car covers helps to moderate the temperature both in extremely hot and cold weather, a factor that can affect your upholstery and the fabric’s inside the vehicle as well as the finish on the dashboard and seats

When you’re looking to purchase car covers you need to consider the protection level you need, whether your vehicle is kept inside or outside in the elements. Car covers for inside use, need to breathe and keep dust and grime away, but don’t necessarily need to be as heavy as those used outside where they have to provide protection from extremes in weathers and unwarranted attention

High Quality car covers have a soft lining to ensure they don’t scratch the vehicle’s bodywork and a heavier outer layer to stop dangerous UV rays and impacts from stones hail and vandalism as well as acting as a deterrent to thieves while keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition and maintaining its value.