There is no better or cheaper way to protect your favourite two wheeled child than with a motorbike cover. A simple way to keep your bike looking and running like it’s just rolled of the showroom floor.

1. Size

Choosing the right size cover for your Motorbike is the most important decision you will make when making a purchase. You need to ensure that the cover will completely protect your bike from the elements. Covers come in Full and Half size.

  • Full Size – Cover the whole bike from the handlebars to the wheels, completely protected all major components of the bike.
  • Half Size – Cover only half the bike, the top half. Leaving the wheels and Tyres exposed.
  • Knowing the size of your bike is a necessity before buying any motorbike cover.

2. Durability/Materials

Durability works two ways here, a good quality cover will not only last longer but will give your bike the best form of protection. Most covers are made from nylon and help to minimise UV ray damage as well as being waterproof. Where you’re going to store your bike will have a huge effect on the quality of cover you will require.

  • Indoor Storage – Lightweight
  • Outdoor Storage – Heavy duty
  • See point 3.

3. Indoor/outdoor

There is no doubt that if you store your bike outdoors that a good motorbike cover is going to protect it from the elements – temperature, rain and wind will make short work of most bikes. As well as keeping you bike looking and performing great it will add to its resale value in the end. If you store your bike indoors don’t be fooled that your bike is 100% safe from damage. Dust, dirt, and grime will still find its way to your prized possession and don’t forget bumps and scratches are less likely to cause any real damaged if your bike has a motorbike cover.4. Ease of use

What’s the point of having a fancy motorbike cover if it takes forever to put on your bike? The last thing you need is to be stuck in the rain trying to put a cover on that requires a PHD in rocket science to use. Your cover should be lightweight and easy to apply even in the toughest of conditions. Something lightweight and easy to store will not necessarily be the right fit for you so if you need something more heavy duty, make sure you shop around and find the cover that is both durable and easy to apply.5. Security

Anyone that has had their bike stolen will agree that it’s a painful experience, it has been proven that thieves are less likely to steal a bike if it is concealed in a cover. Hiding your bike under a cover hides what type of bike it is making it a less desirable for those with itchy fingers. Most motorbike covers are lockable making them even more painful to consider stealing. So, it would seem that it’s that easy to make sure that you stay the only owner of your bike, cover up!