Caravans give you the ability to carry loads of things that help you make do in remote travel. They are the go-to choice for Aussies who like to travel with not just essentials with a home-like setup to ensure comfort and convenience.

And in order to tow such hefty vehicles, you need heavy-duty 4WDs that give you great power and performance. With these beasts, you can tow caravans, camper trailers as well as boats easily. Now before you get one of your own, it is very important that you gauge them with the right parameters.

What Should You Look For In A 4WD?

Besides cost and fuel economy, there are quite a few factors that you should keep in mind while choosing vehicles.

  • Towing capacity is the first thing that you should look for in such a vehicle. Make sure that it is able to tow heavy trailers with ease and efficacy.
  • Next is towball weight capacity which is the weight the trailer directly puts on the towball. As per the regular standards, it should be 10% of the total towing capacity.
  • The last is gross combination mass which refers to the combined weight of the car and caravan put together.

The aforementioned points are critical if you’re buying a 4WD for towing purposes. Remember, if your car does match these criteria, then it can result in an accident and you will also be infringing the transport laws in Victoria.

There are many people who add accessories such as dual-cab ute, tray drawers, canopy, and bulbar which add weight to the car and make the gross combination mass disproportionate. So if you have the right vehicle with befitting capacity, you won’t require any accoutrements.

Know How To Tow

It’s quite possible that you are new to towing which could be very intimidating for beginners. When on the road, you need to make sure that you reach your destination safely while keeping belongings and vehicles intact.

And if you’re not feeling confident to do that, it is best to either hire a professional or to practice it first. The more adept you are, the lesser the chances of mishaps.

The 4WDs You Can Go For:

We have picked vehicles that come with high-towing capacity, fuel-efficient disposition, large as well as small-size options that can help you drag lightweight caravans and trailers.

1# Volkswagen Amarok Dual-Cab TDI550 Sportline 4×4 Auto

Towing Capacity: 3500kg

Tow Ball Capacity: 300kg

Gross Combination Mass: 6000kg

Fuel Consumption: 9.1L/100km

Engine: 165kW/550Nm 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel

2# Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series GXL 4×4 Manual

Towing Capacity: 3500kg

Tow Ball Capacity: 350kg

Gross Combination Mass: 6560kg

Fuel Consumption: 10.7L/100km

Engine: 151kW/430Nm 4.5-ltr V8 turbo diesel

3# Toyota LandCruiser 200Series GXL 4×4 Auto

Towing Capacity: 3500kg

Tow Ball Capacity: 350kg

Gross Combination Mass: 6850kg

Fuel Consumption: 9.5L/100km

Engine: 200kW/650Nm 4.5ltr V8 turbo diesel

4# RAM 1500 Express Crew-Cab V8 4×4 Auto

Towing Capacity: 4500kg

Tow Ball Capacity: 450kg

Gross Combination Mass: 7237kg

Fuel Consumption: 12.2L/100km

5# Nissan Patrol Ti AWD Auto

Towing Capacity: 3500kg

Tow Ball Capacity: 350kg

Gross Combination Mass: 7000kg

Fuel Consumption: 14.4L/100km

Engine: 298kW/560Nm 5.6-ltr V8 Petrol

With these top picks, you will surely be able to make your caravan travels easy and memorable with the whole family in Australia.