Some of us don’t always have the luxury of parking undercover or may have drawn the short straw and lost the only spot to your wife. Both are very unideal situations considering how much damage the outside weather, UV, and other variables can cause.  So how do you protect your vehicle if you have to park outside? Whether you have a car, motorbike, or caravan, here are the top ways to protect your baby when it’s left outside.

Car cover

The most obvious and definitely the most effective way to protect your vehicle is a cover! Looking for a car cover that is UV resistant, water-resistant, wind-resistant, and breathable will protect you from major long-term damages. A good car cover will protect your vehicle from any weather wearing, scratches, dings and is perfect if you are leaving your car outside all the time. The best part about car covers is all the different shapes and sizes they come in so it doesn’t matter what model car or motorbike you have.

If you are looking at buying a car cover, ensure you are investing in a quality cover as it will save you in the long run. Covers 4 U has an amazing range of high-quality covers for every vehicle.

Washing your vehicle regularly

If you are unable to obtain a car cover, another way to protect your vehicle when it’s parked outside is to wash it frequently. This might seem like a tedious job but it will save you in the long run! The process of washing your car will ensure that all the debris and dirt that may damage the paint is removed. Thoroughly washing your car with soap and drying it down properly will significantly protect your vehicle.

Another addition to washing your car regularly is waxing your vehicle at least once a month. When you wax your vehicle, you are essentially sealing the paint with a protective layer. This is a crucial step when you are looking after your car as it provides protection against any crazy weather, debris, and UV rays. This is perfect for when you don’t have access to a car cover.

Don’t park under trees!

Now many of you might think parking under a tree would be most ideal as it would protect your vehicle from the sun. however, it’s quite the opposite of protecting your car. By parking under a tree, you allow your car to be exposed to tree droppings including pollen, leaves, dirt, and worst of all bird droppings! That speaks for itself. Other than how unpleasant it visually looks, it also can do a huge amount of damage to your car if you are not washing it frequently. The debris from the trees can slowly over time affects the vehicle’s paint. Thus, if you park in an open area that is clear from any trees you will be protecting your vehicle for the long run.

No matter your situation, being left on the street is no fun for anyone, especially your vehicle. Without the right protection, the outside environment will take a toll on your car, motorbike, or caravan. A car cover is the most effective and efficient way to protect any car when it’s parked outside. Head to Covers 4 U for high-quality covers for all vehicles.