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Maintaining your caravan properly will ensure you have many trouble free holidays and ensure that it maintains its value for years to come. Using good quality caravan covers is central to maintaining your caravan’s appearance and weatherproof characteristics.

Whether you keep your caravan inside or under a roof will determine if you need lightweight caravan covers or quality, heavy-duty, breathable, all weather covers.

The following maintenance tips will ensure your van stays it top condition and is always ready for your next trip:


  • Exterior

A thorough cleaning outside using the recommended detergents and then allowing it to dry before applying a quality car polish will increase the weatherproofing properties, as well as the paint finish, ensuring your van remains in top conditions. But it’s vital that your caravan is completely dry before you put on the caravan covers to prevent the growth of mould or getting water trapped in any seams or other areas water can pool in

  • Interior

A good vacuuming and wiping down all surfaces with a soft cloth and mild cleaner will remove any dust or residue from your last trip. All bedding, cushions, squabs, mats and towels should be removed and cleaned or aired in the sun to refreshen, ready for your next trip.

  • Food storage areas

Unless you will be using your caravan within a few weeks, it’s a good idea to remove all food, including non-perishables including sugar, tea, coffee, rice, biscuits and canned goods. Although some of these things are usually good for several years, when travelling they can be compromised and so are best changed for each trip and if left in your van can attract unwanted visitors

Refrigerators and freezers

Fridges and freezers need to be cleaned and dried, then set with the doors open so they can air properly and not build up must and mildew

Bathroom and Toilet

These need to be cleaned and the holding tanks pumped out then filled with fresh water. Often you can transfer your drinking water tanks to the waste storage tanks and refill the drinking water tanks with fresh drinking water

Caravan Service

A caravan should be serviced by a qualified mechanic or knowledgeable home handy person. The areas that need to be covered every year or 10,000km are:

  • Removing the hubs, cleaning and inspecting the wheel bearing, oil seals, backing plate assemblies, brake pads and rotor
  • Repacking the wheel bearings and installing new oil seals
  • Cleaning, possibly painting and reassembling the hub assemblies on all wheels
  • Check the electric brake operation and inspect the wiring for safe operation, then adjust if required
  • Check all the components of the suspension and repair or replace as required
  • Inspect the condition of all tyres, including the spares and the jockey wheel
  • Inspect the sub-frame of your caravan for wear, road damage and distortion
  • Inspect the tow hitch, safety chains and the park brake action and adjust if required
  • Inspect all doors and window seals as well as air vents and skylights
  • If you have a popup, inspect the skirts and seals
  • Check the condition of all electrics and make sure any appliances are turned off
  • Inspect your batter management system and place in storage mode


Using quality caravan covers will ensure your caravan remains in top condition for years to come and ready for your next trip.