The way we travel and holiday has been turned upside down thanks to Covid 19. All the overseas holidays that many Australians would take every year have evaporated. This has led to a huge resurgence in people choosing to discover the great and vast continent of Australia. For those people that got ahead of the caravan surge in 2020 or for the people who already owned a caravan, they had the perfect solution. Road tripping and especially with a caravan has become the thing to do and will continue to be the way to holiday moving forward and protecting your asset has never been more important. Caravan Covers are a great way to ensure that your mobile holiday home stays in perfect condition so that when you are ready to upgrade to your next caravan you can maximise its resale value.

Why buy a caravan cover?

If you own a caravan, you have your hands on one of the hottest travel commodities in Australia. There is a long wait for caravans as supply just can’t keep up with demand at the moment. It’s for this very reason that a caravan cover should be the first thing you buy for your new or second-hand caravan.

Keeping your caravan covered during travelling on the road will protect it from damage from loose impediments and also keep those pesky insects from exploding on your beautiful paintwork. There is nothing better than rolling into a caravan park, taking off your caravan cover and it’s pristine and looks brand new, you will soon be the envy of the park.

Obviously, no one gets to travel as much as they would like to and that means a lot of downtime for your caravan. Storage is a massive hurdle for such a big vehicle and building a bricks and mortar shed or carport can be a timely and expensive exercise, this is where a great quality caravan cover can come to the rescue. But just setting and forgetting will only work for some time you are going to have to wash and maintain your caravan cover to keep it working its best.

Clean your cover

For your caravan cover to be performing at its best for you and your caravan you must maintain it properly. I can already hear people saying “but it’s the caravan I want clean not the cover”, and they would be correct, to a point. If the caravan cover is dirty and covered in grime then it can give the protection it should. The caravan covers are breathable to ensure that moisture doesn’t collect on the caravan and cause rust or corrosion and if not cleaned the cover will not do that job properly.

A caravan cover isn’t hard to clean in fact it is a pretty simple process. Obviously, the size of the cover is a little painful during the process but with some warm water, soap and a soft brush you are well on your way to a clean caravan cover. After washing the cover with soap then ensure that you rinse the cover of all soapy residue and leave it to naturally dry.

If you are lucky and have a commercial laundry nearby you could take it there and they could wash in their giant machines. Make sure they rinse twice to make sure that all the soap is out of the material.

You can see that with a little simple TLC that your caravan cover can last just as long as your prized caravan.