Following a delayed start to the boating season this year, it’s encouraging to see local berth holders returning to check on their boats and venture out on the water. Whether you’re an experienced sailor, an avid fisherman, or a first-time boater, it’s critical to inspect your boat and equipment before heading out on the water.

At Covers 4 U, we’ve compiled a list of useful tips to keep you boating throughout the season and hopefully keep you out of trouble while you’re out on the water!

A Clean boat will remain afloat

The salt in the water can cause considerable damage to your boat’s hull, motor, and equipment. The best method for removing salt traces is to rinse the engine thoroughly with fresh water and boat soap. After rinsing the engine, be sure to flush the engine thoroughly. Following a thorough cleaning, wax your boat, applying and removing wax as necessary to prevent salt and UV damage. The process of cleaning and tidying your boat would be an ideal time to check for damage to the hull and propellers, as well as replace any zinc anodes. In addition to extending the life of your boat and extending its durability, boat covers prevent undesirable organisms from attaching to the vessel’s hull.

Engine inspection can help keep the Lifeboat at bay

Boat engines are prone to breakdown, and while they are quite robust, they need regular maintenance to prevent overheating. Ensure the oil levels and filters, the fuel levels and filters, the cooling water levels, and the condition of the belt drives are properly maintained. Check the condition of your hose and your spark plugs and water pump impellers regularly, exercise and grease seacocks, and replace any worn out components.


UV Protection for Your Seats

In Australia, the sun’s rays can be quite fierce. It is critical to protect your vinyl seats by boat covers from these damaging UV rays, or they will fade and eventually crack. Once your seats begin to crack, they become susceptible to water damage and mold growth due to the sponge inside the seats absorbing water. This moisture will remain and begin to rot over time. In no time at all, your seats could be destroyed.

Ensure the Safety of Your Bodywork While Traveling

While traveling, your boat may be damaged by a variety of elements such as brush, trees, and, most importantly, nosy onlookers. Therefore, boat covers are a must-have if you travel by boat. It protects the bodywork from scratches and deters nosy onlookers from getting too close to your expensive vessel.

Prevent Rain from Entering Your Boat

Although boats are fairly waterproof, there are always some areas where extra caution should be exercised to avoid getting wet. Excessive water on the deck, helm, or seats can cause water damage over time. Additionally, excessive humidity can encourage the growth of mold inside your boat. With a quality boat covers, you can keep rainwater out and protect the interior of your boat.

UV Protection for the Bodywork

UV rays can also cause damage to the bodywork of your boat over time. These powerful rays have the potential to deteriorate boating materials such as fiberglass and cause discoloration. The discoloration is particularly prevalent on vinyl or stickers that are about to peel off. A boat cover from Covers 4 U will protect both the artwork and the hull of your boat.