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The Australian climate goes from a very hot 50C in the height of the summer down to well below -6C in the winter season. Having quality motorbike covers protecting your motorbike is essential if you wish to keep it in good condition during these extremes. The top of the range motorbike covers are made from modern fabrics that are specially treated to protect your motorbike from all types of weather as well as UV rays, trees sap, Pollen and the grinding effects of salt and sand laden winds.

This whole package comes in a handy storage bag to keep your motorbike covers in good condition when not using them as well as making them more transportable when moving around.

  • The Key Features of Quality Motorbike Covers

Not everyone has the luxury of a garage to keep their motorbike in, but, even if you do, a motorbike cover will protect it from the effects of dust, insect and rodent attack as well as offering protection from accidents caused by third parties moving around it.

  • Weather Protection

Good Quality motorbike covers will provide all the protection your motorbike needs in the worst weather conditions. Protecting the electrics, light fittings and upholstery seat along with the exposed engine parts and the tyres

  • Waterproof or Water-Resistant

In most cases, water-resistant motorbike covers are the best option so that they can breathe and do not trap moisture under them, causing corrosion and mould to form.

If you keep your motorbike in an area with lots of rainfall you can get motorbike covers designed with a special waterproof lining that allows the cover to breathe and does not trap moisture under it.

It always pays to discuss your needs with a company representative, so you can take advantage of the individual motorbike cover’s design features

  • Sun and UV Protection

Sunlight and UV sun rays can be very damaging to paint work and plastic accessories on your bike. They will not only rob paint of its shine and colour, but cause it to break down and lose its waterproofing abilities causing corrosion and structural damage

  • Heat-Resistant Fabrics

With many motorbike covers, you need to wait until the hot exhaust has cooled before you can place on your motorbike covers, but with today’s modern heatproof fabrics being incorporated in the panels where the covers can be affected by hot exhausts this problem has been eliminated


Keeping your motorbike under covers when you’re not using it means it’s out of the sight of would be thieves, who are always on the lookout for a tempting bike to steal. Many top of the line motorbike covers are not only able to protect your bike from any weather that Australia can trough at it, but they are also lockable making if very difficult for thieves to know the type of motorbike under the covers and to steal it

Using high quality motorbike covers is a smart move financially as they help look after your motorbike and preserve its resale value as well as reducing the number of repairs needed because of damage from the elements. Motorbike covers also reduce the amount of petty vandalism and motorbike theft as they are much harder to get at and steal things from than when uncovered.