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When you have an investment worth tens of thousands of dollars there is little point in trying to save a few hundred dollars by buying a cheap boat cover. All boat covers are not created equal at all; in fact, some boat covers are bad for your boat. You need to use a boat cover recommended by the manufacture of your particular boat to ensure it’s totally protected.


In bad weather, a boat cover will keep your boat dry and save it from damage. Hail stones, extreme heat and salty or sand laden wind can have a big impact on your boat when in storage.

These wet and dry cycles, hot and cold conditions and the ever present threat of insects or rodents looking for a nice shelter during inclement weather conditions all make choosing the right boat cover crucial to protecting your investment and keeping it ready for your next trip out onto the water.

Understand what you need in a boat cover in bad weather

To adequately protect your boat you really need the right cover that is designed especially for your make and model. It should fit your boat snugly so water and debris can’t get inside as well as being made from a high quality fabric that resists water, is mildew and mould resistant and safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Choosing a strong, heavy cover will protect your craft from hail stones and the weakening effects of bird and insect droppings enabling it to last for many years.

Some people are under the misconception that the tighter a boat cover the better. The truth is that you need a boat cover that allows for the atmosphere inside to equal that outside and it must breathe so air can circulate properly

Always ensure your boat is clean and dry before you place on the boat covers

If your boat is wet when you place on the boat covers, it will not be able to dry out and it will always be wet. Bad weather will make this situation worse and if there is dirt and debris in your boat when you cover it will be likely to become a breeding ground for all types of unpleasant mould and fungi.

Leaving your boat uncovered

If you leave your boat uncovered you are increasing the risks of weather related damage and the longer it’s left uncovered the more expensive it will be to restore. Storm water and the harsh sun can ruin the upholstery as well as causing the paint work to fade and the trimming to become brittle.

Fitting your boat with good quality storm boat covers is a sensible way to protect your investment in your boat and maintain its value for many years to come. A boat that shows weather and storm damage loses its value very quickly as it looks neglected making people wary of it.

Having your boat protected during bad weather with high quality boat covers allows you to relax and not stress over any possible damage to your investment because of the elements or threats from uninvited guests making a home in it. Strong, well-fitting boat covers are an asset that you should not skimp on for your boat.