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Your caravan represents a large investment and naturally, you will want to keep in the best possible condition. Having a caravan cover will keep your caravan clean and protect it from the elements as well as debris from trees, birds and other pests as anyone who has left their caravan under the trees for their shading effect may have discovered. Cleaning tree resin and bird droppings off the top of your caravan is neither easy nor pleasant.

There are two main types of caravan covers, those that are designed specifically for your caravan and those caravan covers that are universal. They also come in different weights. Lighter caravan covers for use under shelter such in a garage or carport and those designed for withstanding the elements with continued outdoor conditions.


To meet the harsh summer weather condition in Australia you need a tough UV resistant cover with an outer layer that’s designed to reflect the heat of the sun away to protect the caravan from sun damage. It’s also important that the caravan covers are able to prevent the heat from penetrating to the inside of your caravan preventing it from overheating. This can cause damage to your internal fittings and allow some surfaces as well as your valuable contents to become brittle or melt.


The wind factor needs to be addressed in many areas of Australia as salt and sand carried by the wind can have an abrasive effect on your caravans finish. Salt, especially, can get lodged in any cracks or joints and this attracts moisture causing corrosion. Good caravan covers will completely enclose your caravan giving total wind protection.

A good caravan cover needs to be water resistant and at the same time it needs to be able to breathe so moisture can’t be trapped inside. Any moisture that is present can cause corrosion and mould to form as well as discolouration of the caravan’s outer finish.

Clean Before fitting Your Cover

Before you fit your caravan cover, it’s vital to wash the outside completely to remove any dirt, grit or vegetation that could be trapped between your caravan and the cover. This is simply because it can have a wearing effect on the caravans finish if there is any movement in the cover

Theft Proofing

An added bonus when fitting a caravan cover is that it makes it difficult to see or gain access to the inside. This makes potential thieves less likely to try and steal your contents. A caravan cover will also hide the caravan model as many thieves are on the lookout for certain high demand models to steal.

Having the right type of high quality caravan cover fitted to your caravan over the summer will protect it from the rain as well as the intense Australian sun that can quickly break down the exterior finish. Along with the effects of wind borne salt, dust and grit, rain can damage your caravan’s surface spoiling its appearance and reducing its value. The buildup of summer heat from direct sun exposure can quickly cause the inside of a caravan without covers to become high enough to damage some of the internal fittings. Choose a cover with a high UV protection rating and insulating properties