New South Wales is one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the world. There are so many destinations here that are perfect for spending a long vacation or a short getaway with your entire family. And when it comes to enjoying a trip with family, you need to ensure that the journey itself is fulfilling.

A Caravan is a go-to vehicle that makes travel a very intriguing experience. It is spacious, powerful, and is built to withstand all types of terrain and weather. And thus, it becomes a great choice for all those who want to visit the different places in NSW.

Places In NSW You Can Easily Reach In A Caravan

Gambells Rest Campground

This camping site offers so many activities and engages people of every age. Here, you can enjoy cycling and hiking trails, an extensive picnic area along with all the basic facilities such as showers, toilets, furniture, and barbecue gear. Situated near Bundanoon, this destination attracts a large number of travellers and you can easily reach here with your Caravan.

Village Campground

This is a perfect place to get closer to the wilderness while keeping access to all the facilities you are used to. There are powered and unpowered campsites giving an option to choose as per your needs. If you want to get an authentic camping experience, then go for the former otherwise, choose the latter and get facilities like laundry and ironing.

Bungonia Campground

This is natural bushland that excites every nature lover and thrill seeker. It emerges to be a perfect destination for winter camping with activities like rock climbing, hiking, and much more. Along with that, you get an enclosed cooking area furnished with gas heating that makes the camp food experience hassle-free. You can also enjoy a hot shower and tend to your work in a small conference room.

Pretty Beach Campground

This place is truly ecstatic as it combines forest and beach. The Durras Mountain and Murramarang National Park make this destination very appealing for most travellers. Here, you can enjoy coastal walks, swimming, fishing, birdwatching, sunbathing, and whale watching too. Furthermore, you can get non-powered and powered tents, cabins,  small and electric barbecues, laundry facilities and hot showers.

Lane Cove Caravan Park

If you are looking for a serene setting, then this is the right destination for you. It is a beautiful campground that brings you closer to nature while providing a number of facilities to make your stay comfortable. You can also enjoy a paddling pool, swimming pool, and electric barbecues. Also, it engages your kids with a number of activities such as handball, hopscotch, etc.

Crowdy Gap Compound

Here’s another destination that’s near a beach and lets you enjoy a number of activities. While admiring the coastal beauty, you can also revel in lush rainforest and sand dunes. The clear blue waves make your diving experience amazing and on the beach, you have a setup of barbecue and spend a perfect leisure time.

Camping with family gets better in NSW when you do it with a caravan. With Covers 4U, you can ensure that your caravan gives you high performance and withstands inclement weather, bird droppings, and dirt with efficacy. With us, your camping experience will always be delightful.