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This quick guide will help you find the best boat covers to enable you to a protect particular boat.

What type of cover is best?

Boats that are kept undercover generally require a light cover that stops dirt and dust from settling on your boat. They also stop unwelcome visitors such as pests taking up residence. Another advantage is the stop thieves from seeing what’s inside your boat and making it more difficult for them to take items.

Consider the type of cover you will need.

  • Keeping your boat clean inside

Good quality, well fitting boat covers protect your boat from airborne grime, debris and dust as well as stopping leaves, insect and bird droppings that are not only unsightly, but corrosive

  • Ultra-violet protection

The damaging ultra-violet rays of the sun can zap the colour from seats, carpets and cause wood and epoxy finishes look shabby and dull. Rubber components if left exposed tend to crack and weaken, especially fuel lines and electric cables

  • Repelling water and moisture

Good quality boat covers should be water repellant, but also, allow for good air circulation so condensation doesn’t build up under them, causing mould and mildew to form on the interior surfaces of your boat

  • Security

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people steal things and an uncovered boat makes an ideal target for some. Fuel tanks, toolboxes, oars or paddles, batteries, life jackets, fishing gear and 0ther unattached items are easily taken from an unguarded boat when you’re out camping you have it parked outside. Good quality boat covers stop people from seeing what’s inside and if you have it tied down properly it’s hard to just lift the cover and take things

  • Travelling

If you tow your boat over long distances to get to your favourite fishing destination a strong cover designed for towing with a skirt to stop stones that get thrown up harming your boat is a must

  • Storm boat covers

If your boat is kept in the water you’ll require a cover that can take a heavy storm while keeping your interior clean and dry

  • Custom Covers

Custom boat covers are made to fit a particular model of boat, they come in lightweight as well as heavy variations depending on what you need

  • Custom fit covers

These covers are made to fit your boat like a glove, taking into consideration things such as your cabin, bikini top console and accessories, giving your boat the ultimate level of protection

  • Universal boat covers

Universal boat covers consider your boat’s length and width to get an average close fit

  • Corners and Seams

Quality boat covers have reinforced corners and seams with multiple layers to ensure they last and not rip

  • Outboard motor hood

If your boat has an outboard and possibly a spare, having a hood incorporated into your boat covers is very handy to protect the motor

Quality boat covers should have reinforced corners and seams, they should be made of 100% polyester to avoid stretching and shrinkage. Some covers are cotton, polyester blend while the less expensive types are usually cotton canvas which can stretch and break down from the weather. The elasticized webbing, straps and fittings should be strong and able to stand strains and UV rays.