Caravanning has now officially become the go to modern way to holiday. How do we know? Well, if everybody including YouTubers and celebs are doing it then it must be trendy right? Well, it’s true though, that many people are towing their motorhomes aka caravans around making vlogs with their loved ones, but not only that, we can also see just by looking on our roads how popular they have become. Caravanning has always been in fashion! And If you’re looking to buy a new caravan then consider these few things to look out for in a caravan.

  1. Size – Space is the most important element while choosing a new mobile home. You should always look for a caravan that will fit your lifestyle and please do not get carried away by the model hype. Higher exterior walls of the caravan will provide higher ceilings and will allow adequate doorway spaces. The size of the bathroom, dining area, and bathroom should also match with that of your family’s needs.
  1. Caravan Awnings – More and more people are financing in getting their own motorhomes. These motorhomes or caravans are good vehicles used by individuals who are starting to be very hooked on outdoor stirs. Having these vehicles require them to get awnings for caravans since they have limited space inside them. These awnings can be assembled up just like a tent attached to the outside caravan for additional space.
  1. Build Quality – Also the most important part is to thoroughly inspect the walls and scan the flooring. If the floor is springy it means that it is warped and decaying so take a good look at the flooring, especially around the plumbing fixtures. Don’t forget to check the floor under the carpet as most cheap mobile homes are made from cheap wood boards. A good caravan must also have a strong underside with a good ventilation system.
  1. Check the roof – Stains on the roof indicate deterioration due to weather, water, also if you see signs of roof sagging then it is a clear symbol of rotting wood. It is very easy for rainwater to enter through walls of the mobile home through metal roofs and cause permanent damage to the walls and ceiling.
  1. Caravan Covers- We all know the potential wear and tear caused by leaving a vehicle outside in all weathers. Would you like to leave your car out on the street when you can put it safely in the garage? No right then why leave mobile homes like that?

The weather is only the start of the problem because the mighty birds are another nuisance that can either eave their droppings or scratches on your brand new caravan!

The well-fitting covers by Covers 4 U, especially one made to fit your own particular caravan, is a microporous barrier. Just as our own skin is waterproof and non-damageable, breathable without the fear of condensation, the caravan’s weather-resistant/ waterproof covers can protect it from dampness as well as all other environmental damage. Most of the covers are made from a versatile material well known for its toughness, strength, and its powerful resistance to grease, oil, water, and heat.

Your caravan is going to be an investment and it should be maintained and have sound protection. Look after it all year round and you will reap the maximum benefit from it. The wise caravanner will follow this checklist before buying a new mobile home.