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Motorcycle covers come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, materials and levels of protection as well as prices. It’s important that you find a motorcycle cover that meets all your requirements, so we have complied a few these things you should know before buying one:

  • Indoor or Outdoor

Having a great motorcycle cover will ensure your bike is kept clean, dust free and the paint remains unfaded while protecting it from the weather.

If you house your motorcycle in a garage, then you probably only require a dust cover to keep it looking good an in new condition. But if you have to leave it outside, then having a heavy duty cover is recommended to protect it from the effects of damaging UV rays, rain and the salt air from the sea.

Another advantage of a heavy cover is it helps protect against vandals and thieves. It can be tempting to remove mirrors and other accessories from an unprotected motorcycle.

It’s important that your motorcycle cover is able to breathe properly as this will allow moisture and heat to escape, helping to prevent rusting, mildew, mould buildups and water damage to occur which can happen if it’s being stored for long periods

  • Different Sizes

Motorcycle covers are made to fit all the different bikes, so it should not be too hard to find one to suit your bike. If you can’t find the right one, then you need to measure your bike and compare your motorcycles measurement to the charts or purchase one that’s just a little larger

Different Materials

The materials that are used in the manufacturing of motorcycle covers vary in weight, thickness and the protecting qualities they provide. The better quality covers are made from lightweight, waterproof polyester. These make the water form beads on contact and then tend to roll off without pooling. Some other covers are made with heavier material, but these can be hard to handle and store when not being used

To Cover or Not To Cover?

Do you want to cover just the seat or the whole motorbike?

A seat cover means your seat will not get hot in the sun or wet in the rain and they are easy to store even under the seat if you like.

A motorcycle is made to withstand the weather, but they are also a sizable investment and should be protected and that’s what a cover is all about.

Do you have a good, safe place to store your motorcycle cover when it’s not being used, some motorcycle covers are quite bulky and heavy, so this is a factor that needs to be considered

Why do you need a cover?

  • To be waterproof or water resistant
  • To keep it clean, tidy and in top condition
  • To provide sun and UV protection
  • For security or mainly from the elements?

The advantage of having a motorcycle cover on your bike is it makes it less likely to be vandalized or to have bits stolen from it. It also protects it from the effects of sun and rain as well as the wind that can contain sand, grit and salt from the sea, all of which can damage your motorcycle.